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iLogy Healthcare Solutions is a premiere medical content and healthcare information technology firm, offering 360 degree solutions within the healthcare industry.

Spearheaded by a team of doctors and lifescience experts, and some of the most innovative minds in the creative industry, iLogy is leading the healthcare revolution by convering knowledge, intelligence and technology.

We are looking for investors with expertise in the healthcare industry and proficiency in management. We wish that the people who invest in iLogy will be able to add sufficient value to the firm in terms of expertise and growth potential, rather than just the money.

If you think you or your organization can be that partner for iLogy, please contact us using the form on the right.

  • Our services are unique

    We are amongst the very few firms offering high end clinical solutions and medical domain expertise.

  • We are the right place

    Based out of Bangalore, India, we are strategically located to tap excellent resources and one of the biggest markets.

  • The future is in health

    Our expertise, products and services are focused on the multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry.

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