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Understanding medicine and its intricate nuances require formal education. And that is why nobody else can be better than a medical doctor. At iLogy, core medical expertise has been our strength. Our inhouse medical and dental doctors, along with a network of over 200 specialists across the globe, form a formidable team. Little wonder then, we have leading advertising agencies and strategy planners relying on us for medical content and knowledge support. Our own inhouse strategists and art directors tap into this internal resource for all the brands we associate with.

Today, the business world is filled with brand management and marketing companies. But what sets iLogy Healthcare Solutions apart is its medical evidence-based solutions, backed by references from medical textbooks and reputed journals. This ensures absolute credibility for the brand and adds confidence to the sales-force. Complementing the strong content team, our creative team is backed by talented art directors and IT experts. And the result? Solid brand management.

  • Marketing aids based on evidence based research.

    We can help create brochures, literatures, booklets, flipcharts, monograms, case dockets, and other branded material - all backed by solid medical research evidence.

  • World-class advertisements, media campaigns, and event management.

    Our recently enhanced creative team has worked with internationally acclaimed media campaigns and ads. Today, we offer you that creativity coupled with our inhouse research-based strategy.

  • SEO, Twitter, Blog, Linkedin, Facebook, Disqus, or a website - We Dig.

    Whether it is the electronic media or the internet, our media managers can ensure excellent brand recall, while respecting confidentiality and privacy.

iLogy Brand Communications is the winner of the Award of Excellence at the 25th Annual Rx Club Show held in New York, USA, in 2011. The campaign was shortlisted from over 1525 entries from across the world.

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